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‘LGBT Lens’ to focus on elder caregiving at Jacksonville seminar


AARP: Florida slammed worst by Trumpcare; ‘scared’ at 60 in Lake Worth


How to Support LGBT Seniors and Caregivers Aging in Place

By Michelle Seitzer Sep 19, 2016


Chris MacLellan: From Caregiver to Caregiving Advocate


Christopher MacLellan: Equality and justice for all – no exceptions


In Sickness and in Health

A Couple's Final Journey


Improving Dementia Communications Recorded 3/22

Your in-home personal RX

The Bow Tie Guy's Author's Spotlight with Gary Joseph LeBlanc Recorded 4/4

Moving to Acceptance With Denise Brown from Caregiving.com

Lifelong learning:

it's a good thing!

Challenges and Issues in LGBT Caregiving

A Rainbow Memorial

by J. Malec


Love, Caregiving and Memorials in the GLBT Community



Medicare Expanding Access to Hospice Care


July 20, 2015 11:00 A.M. ET


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